4 Thing to Consider When Buying a P-Plater Car

Buying your first car is like the culmination of all those hours flipping burgers and arranging supermarket shelves just to earn enough to buy something that can take you from point A to point B. All of us have a dream car in mind (perhaps that gorgeous Subaru Forester!) but if you’re a p-plater, obviously there are restrictions you have to deal with aside from the cost. Take heed of these tips in getting your first car purchase right.

Keep in mind what the law allows you to have

As a rule, p-platers that are under 25 years old can’t drive vehicles that have a power-to-mass ratios above 130 kilowatts per tonne and those with significantly modified engines. P-platers are also prohibited to drive vehicles that are classified as high performance. Cars with fast acceleration is off limits for you.

Stick to the budget

If the car you like is too pricey for your budget and will likely keep you in financial distress for months or years, find something else. You can go for your dream car when you get out of the p-plater status.

Find one with great fuel economy

Because who wants to pay more for fuel? Search for cars that has high fuel economy rating. Asian cars such as Toyota and Honda are known for their superior fuel efficiency.

Prioritize safety

Skimp on everything else but safety. Look for safety features such as airbags, ABS brakes, and electronic stability control.

Taking good care of your first car will ensure its performance for years to come. Entrust your p-plater vehicle to Roverworks, Canberra’s top choice for automotive repairs, parts and maintenance. Our mechanic team specialises in Land Rover and Range Rover models, in addition to servicing of 4x4s, off-road and other car models. Visit our shop for a quick check-up, Toyota consultation, Nissan repairs, or Subaru maintenance and parts.