8 Great Hacks to Keep Your Car Neat and Clean

I’m amazed at how a lot of drivers maintain an awesome exterior for their vehicles but totally forget to apply the same level of meticulousness on the inside of their cars. I mean, I’ve seen cars that totally look all polished and flawless, but when you open the car door, it’s total chaos. Clutter everywhere and the inside smells of gym socks.

Does your car smell like this when you go in?

Does your car smell like this when you go in?

Come on! It doesn’t take much to keep your car clean and organized. All you need is a little effort and these great hacks.

Use coffee filter to wipe down the interior. The lint-free material of the filter makes your dashboard spotless!

Press dryer sheets to your grille to get dead bugs off. It’s the easiest way to remove those squashed bugs.

Catch crumbs and spills with silicone cupcake liners. They make pretty accessories as well!

Store little stuff like tissue and your kid’s toy into backseat pockets. It gets rid of clutter and makes your stuff easy to find.

Add a few drops of hand sanitizer to your key to open a frozen car lock.

Freshen up by putting 5-10 drops of essential oil (lavender and peppermint are a must-try) into a clothespin and clip that into the aircon vent.

Store oil and fluids in a shower caddy. This is perfect for road trips.

Store your loose change into an empty gum container.

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