Achieving Comfort And Safety In The New Disco Sport Features

Technology is improving at a breathtaking pace, and it makes you question how far along we are in the future of automotive design. In a nutshell, it’s safe to say we are pretty much living in consumer heaven, where digital innovation is released in a much faster pace than we expect.

Just to give you a tease of what driving in the near future is like, take a glimpse at several features you’ll find in subsequent models of Land Rovers.


Smart Solar-sensing air-conditioning adjuster

The new Discovery Sport has a sun load sensor that measures the intensity of the sun’s rays. This automatically adjusts the air condition depending on the temperature of the wind shield. It even adjusts when you pass through a shade, minimizing the output based on the solar gain conditions.

Apart from intensity, cabin humidity is also measured thereby achieving appropriate air condition temperature.

Immediate environment warning device

The new Disco sport is so thoughtfully designed that apart from the internal conditions, the external ones are also taken into great consideration to deliver optimum driving experience. It has a dual zone climate controls with an air quality sensor that monitors smog and humidity.

If there is high incidence of pollution outside the car automatically switches to re-circulation mode. Wipers are also attached with sensors to detect misting.

But my most favorite part so far is the Wade Sensing Control unit. If, in any case you are to drive through water the sensor fitted on the underside of the side mirrors measure the water depth from the bottom of the mirror to the water. This will consider the tilt of the vehicle and will emit a warning signal once the vehicle reaches its maximum wading depth.

Dash Cam 2.0 – auto brakes when car in front is detected to be near

A stereo camera is installed along the rear-view mirror which:

  1. “Reads” universal road signs, thus warning the driver if s/he is over speeding.
  2. Scans the road for vehicles or potential obstruction and will apply brakes for unavoidable collisions. This is called Autonomous Emergency Braking


Auto-dimming device to prevent high beams on oncoming drivers

The High Beam Assist feature is used to automatically lower the beam when there is an approaching vehicle. This prevents sudden “blinding” or “dazzling” the driver from the other car.

Auto-switch between 4WD and 2WD

When above cruise speed of 35 km/h, the rear shaft disconnects and switches to 2WD. However, if there is an increase in speed or loss of traction the vehicle seamlessly engages to 4WD. This function is enabled by the Active Driveline feature of the said vehicle.

Land Rover’s Discovery Sport is now available in 170 global markets, attracting over 40,000 customers.

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