David Beckham’s Former Range Rover, Sold at AU$16k More Than Asking Price

Okay, the auction for this beautiful baby happened December last year, but it’s still worth checking out the special car that Becks once proudly owned. The customised 2007 Range Rover Sport was snapped up at the auction for AU$64,000 which is more than AU$16,000 over its expected price.

Customised by British design house Khan, Beckham’s former ride comes with twin screens in the back and hand-stitched leather seats. It also has a Playstation for the Beckham kids. It also has a special plaque that says “Designed for David Beckham”.


Some of the customisations done on the Rover include a body kit that costs around AU$12,241,000 and larger alloy wheels that costs around AU$6,120.

It was reported that the car was bought brand new by the football star, registered under his name, and then was gifted to his sister Joanne. Beckham’s wife, Victoria, also had a hand in designing Rovers. She helped create a sophisticated look for the limited edition of the Range Rover Evoque, which came out in 2011.

Range Rover Evoque with endorser Victoria Beckham

Range Rover Evoque with endorser Victoria Beckham

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