What Are The Best Cars for P-Platers?

Shopping for any kind of car is hard enough, given the numerous factors such as cost, features, and safety that you need to consider. Now if you include the taste and requirements of young adults as p-platers, narrowing down your choice can be trickier.

Here are the best options for young drivers to whom fashion and style is a big must.

Kia Picanto

A tiny car is always a good option for p-platers. There’s no cheaper way to start than light/micro cars. Sure, it has a so-so 1.4 litre petrol engine, but it has a seven-year warranty and has features that make it attractive enough, like the Apple CarPlay. It goes for less than $15,000 for an automatic.


This small Mazda offers safety, good fuel economy, and good resale. Plus, it looks good enough for your fashion-conscious young adult driver. The Maxx goes for around $22,890 which is already a reasonable price.

Toyota CH-R

It may have a higher cost of entry at $33,000 before on-roads, but the low cost of ownership and great resale that comes with Toyota cars are good enough reasons to go for it if you are willing to shell out for a small SUV.

Mitsubishi ASX

It’s quite plain-looking for the style-conscious and not up to date when it comes to tech, but it’s roomy, reliable and easy to drive, thanks to the front-wheel drive of the base LS.

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