Common Questions on Foreign Car Maintenance

One of the top concerns in owning a foreign car is maintenance. Common notion is that foreign vehicles such as Mercedes-Benz and Porsche can be harder to keep in stellar condition, which is true in some cases. There is no need to forego your love of foreign cars though, you just need to find a reliable auto care provider that knows your vehicle inside and out.

Here are the common questions that we usually encounter about maintaining foreign cars.

Can I take my car to just any shop?

It’s certainly tempting to take your car to the nearest general auto center but your vehicle is better off with auto care shops that truly specialise in foreign cars. You need the advice and skills of mechanics who have particular knowledge or parts that are compatible with your car. This poses less risk for your car in terms of damage.

How do I make sure I choose the right shop?

Ask the shop to provide a list of car models that they have an expertise on. If they are online (as any reputable auto shop would be), the list should be already in their website. To make sure, you can call ahead and ask if your car is included in their specialty list.

Any other factors I should consider?

The shop’s crew should be certified and has undergone intensive training needed to specialise in particular car brands. They should be also updated on the latest techniques in maintaining the car brands in their specialty list.

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