Cruise Control for Land Rover Defender

Land Rover Defenders are a fantastically capable vehicle. However, we have not seen one with cruise control fitted as standard.

Cruise Control is one of the little luxuries of driving, and it saves you from being fatigued on long highway trips. It can protect you from accidentally overspeeding and getting a ticket as well.

At Roverworks in Canberra, we have been fitting these fantastic units, and they work really well. To supply and fit the unit to the latest model with the Puma engine costs $1,065 – complete. We do a quality job with installation. The only evidence you see is the control stick on the right-hand side of the steering column.

Doing the wiring right is extremely important. Otherwise, you risk all manner of mysterious malfunctions, with expensive computer failures as a worst case. We will do it right for you.

Older Defenders and Discovery models can also be fitted out with quality Cruise Control for around that $1000 mark.

Think about getting it done with a service or other repairs. Floriade is on in Canberra if you are out of town, and we have a spectacular city with lots to see.