Engine Rebuilding Is Available At Roverworks

This is incredible! This fella makes a working, miniature V12 engine from hand lathed parts. 1220 hours. It looks easy in a 5 minute video.

Engine rebuilds are time consuming and work out to be pricey. “Reconditioned” engines tend to be patch up repairs that don’t last long. We rebuild engines to new tolerances with full machining of bores, crankshafts, checking cams, fitting new pistons and rings oversized to fit the slightly larger bores, oversized crankshaft bearings, and new valve guides and seals, checking valve fit and sealing. We put new oil and water pumps on too. If Roverworks rebuilds it, it will be more expensive than the cheapest quote. You do not need to fix it twice. I have a Td5 and a V8 petrol in stock. V6 2.7 diesels we are doing a lot of.

Any worries- give me a call and we will fix it.

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