Iconic Range Rover Restored Live at Silverstone Classic

The vehicle in question is a beat-up 1983 Range Rover and it was given an amazing transformation before a live audience at the 2016 Silverstone Classic. The job was done by the eBay Restoration Live team and took them 3 days to complete.

Race car driver and car restorer Fergus Walkinshaw was challenged by eBay, Silverstone Classic’s official parts and accessories partner, to revive the old Rover. Walkinshaw and his team got down to work at 7 am Friday morning and showed the crowd the step-by-step process in renovating the classic Range Rover. The team used parts bought from eBay. They worked continuously and finished the job just in time for the unveiling on Sunday at the Mike Brewer Clinic.

The restoration involved replacement of the suspension and exhaust system, among other tasks. Hours of painstaking attention to detail restored the vehicle to its original, pristine condition. With eBay’s help, the team was able to outfit the car with its parts, including the rare ones. These include a portion of the carpet covering the vehicle’s front bumper trim and spare wheel.

The newly restored Rover was presented at the Clinic’s eBay stage, where a huge crowd was waiting. Mike Brewer described the restoration as “miraculous”.
“If you had seen this car three days ago, you would not have believed it could have looked like this.”

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