Jaguar Land Rover is Set to Open a Digital Store

Now you can buy the Rover of your dreams without having to go to the showroom. Jaguar Land Rover has partnered with digital retail company Rockar to launch an online car store which will allow customers to purchase vehicles remotely, without having to go to a dealership. The company will still open a store at London’s Westfield Statford shopping centre for customers who want to know the buying process and test drive their preferred cars.

Through the online store, you can browse car models and look at specs. You can book for test drives and also make arrangements for trade-ins or new car financing. If you decide to buy a car, you can simply place an order through the website and have the vehicle delivered to your residence.

For those who would rather visit a dealership first, they can browse 6 models from the current JLR range. The ones that will be displayed are cars that are included in the present line-up. The dealership also provides the service of employees who can help you out without taking commission for cars sold. The aim is to create an environment in which buyers will not be pressured to decide right on the spot.

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