Land Rover Shares a Special Relationship with the Royals

You don’t expect members of the Royal Family to go out decked in logos of designer items, even if they are actually wearing them. You don’t see the Queen or the Duchess of Cambridge sporting something as showy and obvious as a Vuitton bag. But this discretion towards labels does not seem to apply when it comes to their ride of choice. The Royals are not exactly shy when it comes to driving the numerous Rovers at their disposal.

The relationship between the carmaker and the Royals go way back to almost 70 years. Rover loans cars and provides special repairs services and sponsorships to the Royal Family for the longest time. You can see everyone, from Charles to Charlotte, driving or bring driven in Land Rovers and Range Rovers. Aside from the immediate family, the Middletons also benefited from the arrangement and got heavy discounts for their Rovers.

The Queen herself is said to have 30 or more Land Rovers. These cars are either loaned free or with loaded discounts or bought outright. When she and Prince Philip toured Windsor during her birthday celebrations earlier this year, they were riding a custom-made open-top Range Rover in lovely burgundy.

Needless to say, it’s priceless advertising for the brand, one that is totally worth it. Of course, the Queen has other luxury vehicles, particularly Jaguars, Daimlers, and Bentleys, but it’s obvious that the Rovers are her favourite.

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