Have Your Brakes Checked at Roverworks

Land Rover braking systems need specialist care.

At Roverworks, we can replace brake pads and rotors, as well as repair hydraulics and ABS (Anti-skid or Anti-lock Braking Systems) fitted to Land Rover vehicles as a one-stop shop for all repairs and maintenance.

Never take a Land Rover to a generic suspension shop for suspension repairs.

Changing bushes with non-manufacturer recommended components will lead to the vehicle not driving properly. More modern vehicles like Discovery 3 and 4 can become dangerously unstable when the stability control functions are upset by excessive or inappropriate movement in non-standard suspension parts.

For all suspension knocks, groans, roadworthy work, as well as bearings, brakes, and front axle swivel services (on Defenders, Discovery 1,2 and Range Rover P38 and Classic), save yourself a lot of money doing a job once, done right, and drive away happy and safe.

Come in to Roverworks and let us take care of your Rover for you!