Land Rovers to the Rescue

At Roverworks, as Land Rover specialists you’re in the best hands when it come to pretty much anything to do with your Land Rover for all kinds of repairs to get your Land Rover running to its optimal performance. We pride ourselves on being at the forefront of technology and innovation as we understand that your Land Rover is more than just your vehicle, it’s also your lifestyle and we share this passion. Since 1947, Land Rover has made it their mission to bring out the safest, most innovative and most responsible vehicles, without compromising on style, comfort and luxury. With a good grip on knowing how the world continues to move, Land Rover continue to break the innovation boundaries and as specialists that service and repair these vehicles, we have full appreciation for the sophistication that goes into the production. With Land Rover forever pushing the envelope on the manner in which their vehicles are produced they are continually improving vehicle features, safety and driver satisfaction. Through rigorous research and development, their vehicles can include the Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) down to the inclusion of features like lane keep assist, adaptive cruise control and a comprehensive airbag system, just to name a few features, the Land Rover has never been safer or more secure. Land Rover acknowledges the footprint motor vehicles in general can leave behind on the environment including their own vehicles which is why Land Rover is committed to reaching zero emissions in their vehicle production.

Tips on Purchasing a Second-Hand Land Rover

As Land Rover specialists we’ve assisted various clients vet the purchase of their second hand Land Rover to ensure they know exactly what their purchasing and help them avoid any surprises after the purchase. We would like to share why you should consider a second hand purchase. To start with, you’re very likely to save money on the second hand purchase when compared to brand new, and who doesn’t like saving some cash? Another benefit that you will receive from a second hand purchase is the durable interior of a Range Rover, such as leather appointed seats that might be optioned in the vehicle. In regards to some of the tips we normally share with our customers as Land Rover specialists, we suggest inspecting the interior trim, such as the roof lining which can sag over time and the sunroofs, which have been known to warp from being exposed to the harsh heats we experience in Australia. On the Land Rover Discovery model in particular we found that the seat frames on second hand vehicles needed to be looked at, as they were known to crack. Some further considerations when looking at a second hand vehicle is the gearbox. If you test drive the vehicle and you hear some strange sounds and experience some dodgy gearshifts, perhaps consider further research before committing to the purchase. To conclude, you should also consider what the shock absorbers are doing on the vehicle. Check for wheel bounce and vibration speed. For a more extensive understanding on what you should look for in a second hand Land Rover, reach out to our friendly team at Roverworks today and we can help steer you in the direction you need to go.

Going 4WDing?

If you own a Land Rover but you know that it can do a lot more than the school pick up, drop off, collecting friends for brunch and getting the groceries, then you’re probably thinking about giving four wheel driving a nudge. At Roverworks we often have customers come in and see a modified Land Rover with all the kit needed for serious four wheel driving and customers begin consulting us as Land Rover specialists what they need to know if they did go and try four wheel driving for fun. As a starting point, any driver operating a vehicle while going four wheel driving needs to understand and have an appreciation for controls inside the vehicle. When going off road you will need to understand how to engage and disengage functions like traction control and electronic stability control. Although these controls service important purposes on regular roads, having them engaged off road can hinder the vehicles ability to successfully tackle off road terrain.Another consideration for off road driving is that you should be very considerate of the speed that you approach any obstacles. Obviously being very different conditions to some of the smooth roads in Australia, if you take at an obstacle with too much speed this could result in damage to your vehicle. For more considerations, speak to Roverworks today, your Land Rover specialist.