Motorcycle Lane Filtering in ACT

ACT lane Filtering has already started this February 2015 under a two-years trial period.

Motorcycle lane filtering is when a motorcyclist moves past stationary or slow moving vehicles in the same lane.  The trial area includes all of ACT to eliminate confusion in areas of jurisdiction.

According to ACT Justice and Community Site, lane filtering is only allowed under the following circumstances:

  • only allowed when safe to do so;
  • not allowed at a speed greater than 30km/h;
  • only allowed by fully licensed motorcyclists (ie. learner and provisional licensed motorcyclists are not allowed to lane filter);
  • not allowed on the kerbside next to a footpath or in bicycle lanes or breakdown lanes;
  • not allowed in school zones during school zone hours; and
  • not allowed past heavy vehicles and buses.

Motorcycle lane filtering is not to be confused with lane splitting. Lane splitting involves higher speeds (above 30km/h), which increases the unpredictability of motorcyclist movements for other road users. Lane splitting is not permitted as part of the trial.

Click on the video below for more info on ACT Lane Filtering:

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