Motorists Enjoy Low Fuel Cost in Canberra

When Costco opened their petrol station last December 2014, motorists has enjoyed low fuel cost since. As per NRMA, the last time Canberrans enjoyed a price drop was five years ago. People are wasting no time to  drive to Majura Road to get cheaper petrol. Costco is usually 15c lower than the average price, with Woolies (Caltex) dropping prices as well during the competition’s trading hours.

It has long been lobbied that ACT petrol retailers  should match Sydney’s low prices, and now that aspiration is not far.  Several groups cropped up in social media to monitor the price drops (ACT Fuel Watch being the most prominent), making sure that this is experienced ACT wide. Residents are asked to boycott petrol retailers that still won’t budge on this downward trend. Let us hope that the enthusiasm and attention to to fight for fuel prices remain high, while petrol remains low.

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Fuel Price as of Jan 31 Photo Credit: A.C.T Fuel Watch

Fuel Prices as of Jan 31
Photo Credit: A.C.T Fuel Watch