New Land Rover’s New Full-Size Discovery is Now on Testing

The new replacement for the Discovery 4 was seen on a test drive in Europe. The Discovery 5 will boast seven-seat family hauling and strong off-road credentials, just like its older brother. It was reported that the newer model will have a more fluid design, smaller windows, and softer front end. In comparison, the previous Discovery looks more like a bush basher.

Gerry McGovern, Land Rover’s director of design, said that he wanted to make the new Discovery “more sexy”.

“A Range Rover, in my view, will never be a full optimised seven-seat, that’s exclusivity. Discoverys are more inclusive, there will be an optimised seven-seat Discovery. So it will be the versatility verses the luxury execution that will be the differentiator. Visually once you start to see these other Discoverys coming out and you see them next to Range Rovers there are definite difference between their characters – but they’re still all Land Rovers.”

The Discovery was broken down into two separate models – the full-size Discovery 5 and the Discovery Sport, a smaller model that will serve as a replacement to the old Freelander.

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