Top 5 Problems That BMW Car Owners May Face

Just like other car brands, BMW has its own issues that its owners may face sooner or later. To be clear, problems are not in any way exclusive to BMW vehicles; even if you’re driving a Mercedes or a Lexus, your car has its own set of common problems that you may encounter. There are some who say that BMW has problems with reliability although lots of BMW owners will dispute that – they claim that you will take other cars for granted once you have experienced owning or driving a BMW.

Of course, if you are considering purchasing a BMW vehicle, it’s only fair that you get to know the top problems and repairs that you may have to deal with.

Electronic problems – issues with the windshield wipers are common with BMW cars, as well as other malfunctions related to its electronic systems.

Engine management – you may need to replace ignition modules, clutch, and injectors

Window regulators – slow-moving or immobile windows are more prevalent in the E46 model in which it’s necessary to replace the regulator clips.

Door locks – some BMW owners were unable to unlock their doors remotely.

Cracked alloy – more common in 19-inch run flats and can lead to punctures in tired.

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