Torque Biasing Diffs for Land Rover Discovery 1/2 & Defender

At Roverworks, we have received great feedback from customers regarding our Torque Biasing Differentials for Land Rover Discovery 1/2 & Defender.

The technology uses a slightly different philosophy to limited slip diffs, which allow a wheel to slip so far before stopping. This becomes a problem with normal driveability around town, with the car wanting to drag wheels in some turning situations, and wearing tyres out much quicker. Diff Lockers involve an active piece of equipment to engage the locks, which is actually another thing that can go wrong when you go bush.

Torque Biasing Diffs behave like normal open diffs around town, with no difference to driveability. They also do not drag wheels and wear tyres out. If a wheel slips, they automatically shift torque away from the slipping wheel to the one that is not slipping, without you even knowing it has happened. It’s all in the construction of the diff; there is no electronic wizardry or anything extra to gum up full of mud and fail on you. They still leave about 25% of the torque going to the slipping wheel, so that when it grabs it is ready to grip and move straight away. As soon as the slipping wheel grips, it has 100% of the torque back to pull you out of the situation. These are great for what most people experience in their four-wheel driving adventures – a bit of mud, sand, snow and some loose surfaces on hills etc.

Extreme four-wheel driving that involves going through huge ruts that leave wheels well off the ground is going to be best suited to something like a diff locker, there is no doubt. However, most people do not do that kind of driving, and also need a car that can work well around town and on long road trips. If that is you, and you’re thinking about diffs, give us a call on 02 6241 8777 or fill up the form through, and we can get you the best equipment for you.