Toyota’s Hydrogen Fuel-Cell Car to Be Sold in Australia

Toyota is set to bring its hydrogen fuel-cell vehicle in the Australia. Kiyotake Ise, Toyota’s president of advanced research and development, announced this in an international media conference in Tokyo. Australia is among the several markets where the Mirai fuel-cell vehicle will be sold.

Currently, the Mirai has been sold in very limited volumes in Japan, U.S., and Europe. Each Mirai costs roughly $60,000. Only 3000 vehicles are produced in a year and less than 5000 cars have been sold since 2015.

Only Hyundai and Toyota have fuel cell vehicles operating on Australian roads.

It faces a problem, though. The lack of infrastructure can hinder acceptance locally, as the only refuelling station available in the country is Hyundai’s head office in Sydney. Twenty Hyundai fuel-cell vehicles will be taken by the ACT government and a refuelling station will be built for them.

According to Toyota President Akio Toyoda, fuel-cell vehicles are included in the future of automotive development.

“When people ask me about what they will be driving in 10, 20 or 30 years’ time I tell them I don’t think it will be just one thing,” he says.

Fuel-cell vehicles make much sense in Japan, where natural resources are scarce. This is true also in the Middle East, where fossil fuels are cheap.

“The consumer and the market will choose,” Toyoda says.

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