What’s the Legal Way to Buy a New and Imported Land Rover? Go to Japan!

While getting a new Land Rover Defender in the U.S. without the danger of the government seizing your car is practically impossible, it’s not the same situation in Japan, where you can buy the prized Rover easy as pie. Japan’s market is wide open to the new Defenders.

3,225 Land Rovers were brought into Japan last year, according to data provided by the Japan Automobile Importers Association. This is twice the number of of Jaguars by Tata-owned Jaguar Land Rover. Magnus Hansson, CEO of Jaguar Land Rover Japan Ltd, clarifies that not all of the cars are imported by JLR itself. “The Defender is not on our import program. It is brought in by independent importers. They source their right hand drive Defenders in the U.K., and if you know what you are doing, bringing the cars into Japan is easy. A little paperwork, that’s it.”

Auto Motive Design Co Ltd in the port city of Sendai in northern Japan is one of the small private importers serving the various niches of the flourishing Japanese market for imported cars. A decked-out Defender from the company reportedly costs 8 million yen (AU$99,453).

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