Why Choose Roverworks Specialists for your Land Rover Maintenance?

If you own a Land Rover or planning to buy one, you know it is a big investment. Just because Land Rover is a tough car and made especially for off-roading, doesn’t mean it cannot have issues or requires low maintenance. Maintaining does not mean cleaning it every day. It requires close attention and routine maintenance from a Land Rover Specialist – every 6 months at least.

Are you planning to drive your Land Rover to the Snowy Mountains? Make sure you get a Safety Check done from a Land Rover Specialist whenever you:

-Plan a road trip or a long drive
-Car is changing owners and is older than 6 years
-Registering a vehicle from another state in the Australian Capital Territory
-Car registration has expired by more than 12 months

Roverworks is an experienced and certified Land Rover Specialist, known all over Canberra, South Coast, Goulburn and Southern Highlands. At Roverworks, the dedicated team of experts conduct a thorough and detailed checkup that includes screening: Tyre tread and pressure, steering, brakes, lights, windscreen, seats and seat belts, suspension, rust, exhaust and emission controls, and battery.

Roverworks cares about the needs and concerns of all its customers and thus provide customized advice on repairs and services. With experience in dealing with all kinds of Land Rover repairs, Roverworks is an accredited supplier for Land Rover supplies and parts.

Why Choose Roverwork Land Rover Specialists?

-Certified Specialist
-Accredited parts supplier
-Free Safety Checkup
-Minor servicing fin just $395
-Accredited to service novated lease vehicles
-Interest-free auto repair financing

3 Things to get Changed in your next visit

Engine Oil

Engine oil lubricates and protects the car engine and many of its critical parts from wear and damage. When oil flows into the engine from other areas, dirt and other particles come along for the ride and dirty the oil.

And, if oil is left unchanged at the proper intervals, sludge will begin to build up in the engine. The lack of lubrication leads to engine parts rubbing on to each other, therefore, creating critical damage. Changing engine oil at regular time intervals will prevent these harmful bits of dirt and debris out of your car’s engine before they do any damage.

Oil Filter Change

Oil filter screens out combustion contaminants, dirt and carbon deposits from the engine oil, transmission oil, lubricating oil or hydraulic oil that lubricates your engine’s internal components. A clogged oil filter reduces the amount of clean oil passed through the oil filter and can lead to internal engine damage. Therefore, changing oil filters is as important as changing engine oil.

Air Filter

Proper air is required to burn the fuel but it is important to filter this air before it enters the engine. If this air is not cleaned, dirt and dust can enter the engine causing damage to metal parts.

Land Rovers are beautiful on the outside and luxurious inside but are also equipped with high-performance engines. So, whether you are looking for Land Rover defender repair, chip tuning, discovery tuning, or any other major/minor repairs, look no further and contact us to schedule an appointment for a quick consultation/check-up!

Note: Do not ignore the engine check lights. The warning is a clear sign that something isn’t working!