Why Chose a Land Rover?

Always at the forefront of technology and innovation, a Land Rover is more than just a vehicle. Since 1947, Land Rover has made it their mission to bring out the safest, most innovative and most responsible vehicles, without compromising on style, comfort and luxury. Understanding the way, the world is moving, they are making conscious efforts to pioneer responsible innovation and if you ask any Land Rover specialist, they can tell you that Land Rover is always changing the game with every new model they present. Constantly taking strides in the way their cars are built and the features they include, safety and security of drivers, passengers and those that share the road are at the highest consideration. With the inclusion of Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) down to the inclusion of features like lane keep assist, adaptive cruise control and a comprehensive airbag system, just to name a few features, the Land Rover has never been safer or more secure. Along with safety and security, Land Rover also recognise their responsibility to the planet and with vehicles often on the receiving end of a lot of criticism, they are doing their bit to contribute to the health of the planet. By aiming towards zero emissions in their production, as well as pioneering hybrid and electric vehicles, if you are looking to purchase from a company that is doing their best to contribute to a cleaner world, then contact your local Land Rover specialist. All of these things aside, Land Rover also makes a range of vehicles to suit many different wants and lifestyles so talk to a Land Rover specialist today about how you could benefit from investing in a vehicle from Land Rover.

Servicing Land Rovers

Being a Land Rover Specialist, the team at Roverworks perform quality services on all Land Rover vehicles. Costing only three hundred a ninety-five dollars, our minor service includes all of the basics checks to keep your Land Rover performing to its highest potential. This service includes a highly oil change, along with an oil filter change and an air filter change. Regular oil changes keep your vehicle running smoothly, as the engine demands oil and the longer it used for, the more it breaks down and eventually loses its effectiveness, causing a lack of lubrication. This alone can cause a lot of damage; with the parts of the engine starting to rub against each other. Getting the oil changed will ensure there is enough oil in the engine as well, as running out of oil also can cause major damage. Filters are also in need of regular cleaning. The function of an oil filter is to remove any contaminants from the car’s oils, such as engine oil, transmission oil, lubricating oil and hydraulic oil. If this filter is not functioning correctly, it can also damage your vehicle. Air filters are also important as if they are not working, your fuel will not burn properly seeing as they will not be getting enough air. Being the local Land Rover specialist for the Goulburn, Southern Highlands, the South Coast and the Snowy Mountains, we are the place to go for Land Rover supplies, maintenance, servicing and anything else in-between. Getting your service done by a Land Rover specialist will mean that if any parts or if anything specific to a Land Rover needs to be fixed, sourced or accessed, then your Land Rover will be in the right hands.

The Importance of a Safety Inspection

Driving can be dangerous and if you are not keeping your vehicle in the best condition, issues can happen that may cost more than money. Regular safety inspections help keep track on any potential issues with your vehicle and the sooner these issues are addressed, the better your car will be performing. Safety issues such as brake function, engine efficiency and any other problems like with hoses or fuel lines, need to be fixed as soon as possible otherwise they may not just cause long-lasting damage to the vehicle, they may cause your vehicle to malfunction and leave you in unsafe situation. From crashes, to breaking down in areas that may be unsafe or leaving you stranded in a situation that is less than ideal, your safety so often depends on your vehicle functioning safely and efficiently. If you are driving a Land Rover, then consider getting your regular services and safety inspections done by a Land Rover specialist, so your vehicle will always be operating to its highest potential; for your safety and the safety of those you share the road with.