Things Your Land Rover Specialist Should Check Before A Road Trip

There are very few things in life that make unforgettable memories as much as road trips. It Is always a great way to spend quality time and intimate moments with yourself, family, or friends. Road trips are even more fun when moving in a Land Rover. However, regardless of the type of car, nothing soils the experiences of a road trip faster than a faulty car. Car issues are stressful and upsetting, especially if you are stranded in an unfamiliar place or on an empty highway.

Whenever there is an issue with a car, no one wants to take their Land Rover, especially to a mechanic they do not know or are not familiar with. Likewise, no one wants to risk dropping their Rover with a mechanic they have no prior experience with for fear of getting it back in a worse shape.
To avoid patronizing a roadside mechanic for your Land Rover defender repair that you do not know or are unsure of, you must prepare your car to reduce the risk of it developing a fault to the barest minimum, or go with spare items in preparation. Once you have decided to go on a trip, you have to take time to perform maintenance on your Rover some days before your trip day, and the day before heading out.

In preparing and performing maintenance on your Land Rover before your road trip, there are specific things you must look out for and take care of before going. Here are some of the most important:

Top-up your fluids: Your Land Rover’s running depends on the use of different kinds of fluids. When you are preparing for a road trip, one of the most vital things to check on, gauge, regulate, or top-up is the car’s fluids. So, check out your water and oils. Here is a list of fluids for you to check:

Change of Oil: In the course of a road trip, it is safe to assume that your car will be running a lot. You might even engage in an exciting car race on a free highway with a total stranger, or a friend with a different car. While it might take days to change your oils typically, a road trip requires that you change your oil before driving out.

Radiator Fluid: If the destination of your road trip is somewhere sunny and hot, that might have some adverse effects on your car if it doesn’t have sufficient radiator fluid. Before leaving, we recommend that you check and gauge how much radiator fluid is in your car.

Transmission Fluid: The transmission fluid is one element that has to be changed as frequently as possible in most cars. For Land Rovers, you should change your fluid after every 30,000 miles on the road or biannually, whichever comes first.

Regardless of what count you are following or what stage you are with either count, we suggest that you change your radiator trip before leaving for your road trip. This is important because you will be plying a different road from what you are used to, as well as driving for a longer time. All of this can affect your Land Rover.

Brake fluid: For your vehicle to run as smoothly as it should, your brake fluid must be enough and of excellent quality. If not properly checked or secured, it can get air bubbles that can affect the functionality of your car, or develop into a major fault.

Power steering fluid: All Land Rovers that come with power steering require fluids to work properly. Ideally, this Power steering fluid is advised to be changed after every 50,000 miles for continuous efficiency.

Check Your Tires: Do you have a good idea of what is currently going on with your tires? Do you know if they will fare well on your planned trip or will give way on the way? Before going on your journey, you should check your tires for excess water, wear, tear, or pulls. Other things to be checked also include:

Gauge: When gauged, your tires should have 4/32 inches to be roadworthy. Once you are getting too close to the mark, you should know it’s time for a change. If you are unsure how to go about this, your mechanic can help you ensure that your tires are operable before you go.

Alignment: You should also understand that your tires must be realigned before leaving for your road trip. When tires are unaligned and out of sync, they gradually damage your tires that eventually wear them to injury. While driving, unaligned tires can cause dangerous pulls and might be challenging to fix when you are in the middle of nowhere.

Pressure: Your tires must be within the appropriate pressure range to be roadworthy. When tires are too high or too low, it can cause a significant issue like going flat, or causing damage to other parts of the car while on the road. So, check your tire pressure and be sure that they are accurate before going on your road trip.

Other maintenance issues that you should settle before setting your car on the road include:

– Replacing your brake pads

– Checking your Land Rover Chip for roadworthiness

– Fixing your lights where necessary

– Fixing the air filters

– Ensuring you have a full tank

– Checking if your Land Rover discovery tuning is roadworthy

– Bringing as many Land Rover supplies as you can, including tires, fluids, wipers, etc.

All of these things, one way or the other, ensure the safety of your car on your beautiful road trip, and help you enjoy every memorable second without having to worry about car issues.

Suppose you have read through the highlighted things above and are too busy or unqualified to get any of these done appropriately. In that case, the best way to still ensure that your car is of top-notch quality is by getting professional support.

You can trust the professional mechanics at Rover Works to help you handle every aspect of your car safety and ensure that it is roadworthy before going on your trip. So you can drop your car with complete assurance that you will get it back in its best shape and ready to travel and make memories for and with you.

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