Collector Village Pumpkin Festival

This annual festival, which is held every first week of May and has been running for 150 years, commemorates the era when Ben Hall and his bushrangers freely roomed and Collector was holding up stage coaches and hundreds of travellers and homesteads.


Today, it is now slowly emerging as one of the region’s anticipated events. It is pure family fun. This festival is littered with plenty of activities such as pumpkin growing competitions, pumpkin soup, pumpkin scones, regional produce, stalls, performances, and displays. Collector is known for its fine wool, fat lambs and prime beef but not for growing and producing pumpkins but the charming villagers of Collector has taken fancy to pumpkins. Collector elects a set of volunteers aimed in staging fabulous festival yearly. Proceeds of this event goes improving local facilities.

Now, Land Rover enthusiasts from Collector can drive to Roverworks to have their trusty Landys for servicing or even a quick check up! Save you the drive to Sydney hey!