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Minor Service at $395

Oil Change

The little stickers that mechanics put on your windshield isn’t just there to decorate your car. Oil change is an important task we need to do the moment we buy or acquire a car.

Vehicles function with elements and gears rubbing onto each other to create energy and motion. These parts need oil to lubricate the so-called instruments. Over time, the engine demand for oil is too much that it eventually breaks down the chemical make-up of the oil, thus making it less effective. If left untreated, the lack of lubrication will leave engine parts rubbing on to each other therefore creating critical damage. Hence, the old oil needs to be drained so that fresh oil can be injected.

Oil Filter

Oil filter is designed to remove contaminants from engine oil, transmission oil, lubricating oil or hydraulic oil.

As explained above, particles (dust, dirt, debris) can cause degradation of lubricated components. Oil Filters help the ingression of the particles before it could start any major problems

Air Filter

Most people think that having their air filter changed is not at important as say, having an oil change. We have one logical explanation for that. Air filter functions as well, for lack of better term, a “filter”!

The right amount of fuel and air is needed to operate an internal combustion engine. Petrol or Diesel fuels won’t be able to burn properly without air (oxygen), now the air that the engine will use needs to be “cleaned” before it enters the engine, or else dirt, dust and debris will amass which results to poor performance. A worn out filter won’t be able to “trap” these elements effectively and will make their way inside the engine, they will rub on important metal parts causing them to wear away and eventually replaced.

Confused as to when you should change your oil and your filters? Check with your vehicle manufacturer’s book, this article or ask our friendly Roverworks trained mechanics.

Air Conditioning Service at $240

The importance of having your aircon checked goes beyond the issue of safety and vehicle longevity. It is also good for the environment. As you know, any refrigerant gas is harmful to the already thinning ozone layer, and any other gas that is haphazardly released contributes to this as well.

Here at Roverworks, we test your system for leaks, diagnose any faults, and if all is well, recharge the gas. We also ensure put the correct oil in the system to keep your compressor healthy.

Roverworks is compliant with the Refrigerant Trading Authority AU45590.

One other handy thing we do is add a product that glows under ultraviolet light – this way if you ever get a leak, we can look for where it came from by looking for the glowing traces of the UV product around the leak. This is our standard $240 Air conditioner service.

What happens during an aircon service

  • Test system for leaks
  • Scrutinize air vent temperature
  • Check drive belts and pulleys
  • Function of valves and thermostat
  • Review hoses
  • Examine system and refrigerant (if required, add refrigerant)
  • Inspect temperature of condenser
  • Evaluate suction line temperature

If you want to know more about aircon maintenance, check out the links below:

FREE Safety Check

Safety checks are vital most especially before going on road trips or long drives. However, did you know that by law, Safety Check is required when you are:

  • The vehicle is changing owner and is more than six years old
  • A vehicle from another state is being registered in the Australian Capital Territory
  • When the vehicle registration has expired by more than 12 months
  • Defect clearances
  • Establishment of registration

**as per ACT Requirements

Here at Roverworks, we take these things in important consideration and that is why are compliant to the standards dictated by the state. You can be assured that when we say Safety Check, we mean a thorough and detailed check.

What happens during a safety check

  • Tyre tread and pressure
  • Steering
  • Brakes
  • Lights
  • Windscreen
  • Seats and seat belts
  • Suspension
  • Rust or damage to the vehicle body
  • Exhaust and emission controls
  • Battery

Novated Lease Car Servicing

Do you know that Roverworks is an accredited supplier for maintenance, parts and repair for Novated Lease Vehicles. Just bring them over to the shop and we can sort it out for you! No need to queue up to two weeks with the service provider. We can repair your vehicle, right here, right now without voiding your warranty.

Roverworks is Canberra’s top choice for automotive repairs, parts and maintenance. Our mechanic team specialises in Land Rover and Range Rover models, in addition to servicing of 4x4s, off-road and other car models. Visit our shop for a quick check-up or consultation, repairs, maintenance and parts.

Dealer Quality that won’t void your warranty!

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