We can guarantee the safety of your vehicle.

Roverworks is an authorised inspection station that can issue roadworthiness certificate for your vehicle. If you’re within the Canberra or New South Wales area, we are your best option for your vehicle inspection needs. Our mechanics are qualified to conduct the statutory vehicle inspection in accordance to the rules in ACT and NSW.

Roadworthy inspections are required for the following instances:

· When you have a vehicle more than six years old that needs a transfer of ownership

· When your vehicle needs transferring to ACT or NSW registration

· When you purchased a new vehicle (in ACT or elsewhere) from a dealer not registered or enrolled in the ACT or NSW Proof of Identity arrangements

· When the registration of your vehicle has expired for over than 12 months

· When you need a defect clearance

· When you need to establish registration

Roverworks issues the pink slip which is valid for one month after the date of issuance. Have your vehicle inspected at the best auto repair service in Canberra. Book an appointment with us and ensure the safety and roadworthiness of your vehicle.

Roverworks is Canberra’s top choice for automotive repairs, parts and maintenance. Our mechanic team specialises in Land Rover and Range Rover models, in addition to servicing of 4x4s, off-road and other car models. We also offers interest-free auto repair financing. Check out our Fix It Now, Pay Later offer. Visit our shop for more details.