Causes of a blown head gasket in Land Rovers

A head gasket is a small component in your Land Rover that plays an important role. This component is located between the cylinder heads and the engine unit. Often made from a tough rubber material, the head gasket in your Land Rover seals in fluids in the engine.

This maximizes the pressure required by the pistons as they fire. So, it comes as no surprise that when your car’s head gasket is blown, you’ll need a Land Rover specialist. For most Land Rover drivers, this happens sooner rather than later. There are several reasons for this. Here are some of these reasons.

Overheating engine

As the engine in your Land Rover runs, it gives off heat. Part of this heat is what powers your car while coolant takes away the rest. Excessive heat in the engine compartment causes the head gasket to wear out faster. This is the main reason why the head gasket breaks down and causes oil and coolant leaks.

To prevent this from happening, you’ll need a Land Rover specialist to check your car often. This will help them spot any signs of trouble before they manifest.

Low water levels

This can be due to several reasons. For starters, you may let your water levels get too low before refilling. Your water pump may also be faulty, or your car may have leaks in the coolant hoses. All these lead to the engine overheating and deterioration of the head gasket.

Using poor quality oil

This is dangerous for your Land Rover in many ways. Poor quality oil doesn’t provide enough lubrication. And oil is the main source of lubrication for your engine’s parts. Among these parts is the head gasket.

This is the main reason why you should only get services from a Land Rover specialist. A Land Rover specialist will have quality Land Rover supplies to ensure your car’s health. Remember the engine is at the centre of your Land Rover’s great performance and so you should treat it well.

Thermostat failure

The thermostat is the part of your Land Rover that sends out a signal when the engine gets too hot. What follows is that coolant is directed from the radiator to the engine to cool it off. If the thermostat is unable to send the right signal at the right time, the engine overheats. What follows is that the rubber head gasket expands and contracts so much it dries out. When this happens over time, the rubber head gasket develops cracks and starts to leak.

What to do

When it comes to the head gasket in your Land Rover, the best thing to do is to be preemptive. This means taking your car to a Land Rover specialist on a regular schedule for servicing. A good Land Rover specialist will replace the head gasket with a sturdier, multi-layer make.

This will ensure that your Land Rover’s engine stays always protected. You should also ensure that you use the proper Land Rover supplies for your car. This is what we offer at Roverworks. We are a team of Land Rover specialists who speak one language with the brand. Visit our shop with all your concerns and we’ll be happy to assist you.