In this day and age, acquiring a car is ALMOST as normal as having a smartphone. So why is it that most people are having a hard time understanding cars? It’s as if there is an IQ prerequisite for ‘car-speak’ and seems like most people are not qualified hence, they have a hard time adapting to this kind of language.

When we see a woman who knows her way around cars, we still see that as something ‘new’. She’s cool. She’s badass. That is because we are not used to encountering such a lady. Why should car mechanics or car geniuses be reduced to just a small percentage of the population? Shouldn’t we all be well-versed when speaking ‘cars’ since owning one isn’t new to us anymore? Fortunately, Roverworks mechanics take the time to really educate anybody when it comes to anything related to cars. These are our car specialists who don’t confuse their customers with jargons. This case is not just isolated when you come in to have your Landy or any vehicle serviced. Our skilled experts also teach prospect clients who are looking into getting a new car. Now, this is service excellence that can only be experienced in Roverworks shops.

People are not new to automobiles. With Roverworks services, they see to it that anybody can become experts and even be fluent in car lingo. It’s the new normal.