Advantages of Minor Servicing in Land Rovers

Your Land Rover maintenance schedule can determine its longevity. Land Rovers are sturdy because they are designed for optimal off-road driving. This doesn’t mean that they are immune to mechanical problems. If anything, your Land Rover needs regular attention from a Land Rover specialist.

Minor servicing helps to maintain your vehicle between any major part replacements. Some of the activities that a Land Rover specialist will conduct during minor servicing include changing the oil and air filters and tuning the engine. Your mechanic will also conduct a general inspection of other moving components for signs of wear and tear. Minor servicing also offers an opportunity to change fluids to ensure that you enjoy smooth driving.

Why you Need Minor Servicing

Following the manufacturer recommended servicing schedule is not enough. While there’s nothing wrong with that, waiting that long for servicing can cause extensive damage. Going to a Land Rover specialist for regular minor servicing will help you to save money. Early detection from regular servicing will help prevent potentially expensive replacements in the future.

Another advantage of minor servicing is that when the oil and other fluids are drained and replaced, your Land Rover’s engine performance improves. Dirty oil, contaminated brake fluid or worn out coolant can all cause significant damage to your car. We all know how expensive replacing car parts can be, especially the engine.

By going in for regular minor servicing, you can prevent engine damage, and prolong the longevity of your engine. Being an off-road car, it’s not uncommon for your Land Rover to have impurities in its oil and fluids. Dust and small stones can find their way into the oil when driving on rough roads.

A good Land Rover specialist knows the importance of Land Rover chip tuning. Chip tuning will enable better engine performance and improved throttle. Chip tuning will also help your engine to improve the fuel efficiency of your Land Rover, putting more money back in your pocket.

Minor servicing will also ensure that your car remains safe for use. Wear and tear does not happen at the same rate in every car. This is why you need regular minor servicing in addition to the recommended schedule. For instance, if your brake pads or brake fluid need replacing, a Land Rover specialist will be able to detect the problem before your brakes fail while you’re driving.

Where to get Minor Land Rover Servicing

Roverworks is a certified Land Rover specialist on the South Coast. We offer specialised repairs and servicing to Land Rover owners. We have solid experience in providing quality repairs and industry-standard Land Rover supplies for replacements.

We love to ensure that your car gets nothing but the best servicing. We also value our clients and we want them to enjoy their driving experience. This is why we encourage you to take every available opportunity to bring your vehicles in for regular minor servicing. Contact us now and schedule your next visit!