Confused With Your Car Error Messages?

Some really mysterious things can happen with error messages coming up in the newer fully electronic cars (Discovery 2 onwards).

Firstly, if your car pops up a strange message, give us a call. Often what the message is complaining about is nothing to do with the actual fault, but is a cascade effect of another fault. Air suspension failures, going into limp mode,transmission errors, engine warning lights on- all can be from the same cause.

It needs time and expertise to diagnose- we can get you in and sort it. It cannot be diagnosed over the phone.

Batteries are a particular cause of trouble. The last thing to manifest is the car not wanting to crank. Voltage errors are common causes of a “Christmas tree effect ” on the dash. Again don’t use a second hand battery, don’t get a battery from Supercheap, don’t touch it. Bring it in and we fix it, and check the alternator is working.

Alternators in D3,4, Range Rover Sports seem to die along with the battery- it is hard to know which killed the other first. We have most alternators and batteries in stock and can fix it for you.

We are working on a car that has had a battery changed by the owner. Body control module thought it had been crashed at 76 Gs sideways into a pole or something after that, so the car kept shutting down the engine, turning off the fuel and unlocking itself. We needed to replace the body control module, SRS control module, Yaw sensor, and still the air conditioning will not turn on. It’ll be about $6,000.

So, get the car serviced here. We test the battery. If we tell you it is stuffed, let us replace it and don’t argue (we don’t replace things without a real reason!). You’ll get a good quality battery that we trust, your cars brain will not be fried, and you’ll be only complaining about how we replaced your battery. That’s how I like it- you not complaining about your car’s damaged circuitry and how long and costly that can be to fix!

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