Common Land Rover problems to look out for

Land Rovers are some of the most formidable vehicle models in the market today. This is because Land Rovers combine great performance with comfort. Even in difficult driving conditions, Land Rovers are still able to deliver good performance.

But Land Rovers are not without their issues. Most Land Rover owners have had to seek the help of a Land Rover specialist at some point. This can be thanks to several common problems that these vehicles often suffer over time.

Blown head gasket

One of the most common problems that Land Rover specialists have to repair is a blown head gasket. A head gasket is a component in the engine that seals in coolant and oil preventing them from mixing. This gasket also prevents the coolant from getting into the combustion chamber. Head gaskets fail from regular wear and tear which happens faster with rough driving.

A blown head gasket often leads to leaking oil or coolant. Either scenario can cause extensive damage to your Land Rover. This is why you should seek the help of a Land Rover specialist as soon as possible.

Air suspension failure

The comfort that most Land Rover drivers enjoy comes from the air suspension system. This means that the air suspension system is always working and works even more on rough roads. As a result of continuous driving on rough roads, the air suspension may start to fail. This failure is usually due to the wear of the smaller air suspension system bits.

These smaller bits include struts and coils which give out after a period of time. This period gets shorter with constant driving on rough terrain. Air suspension failure leads to sagging of the car which makes rides uncomfortable. When this happens, a Land Rover specialist can help you replace the worn out air suspension parts.

Premature wear on brake pads

This wear often affects the parking brakes. You may notice that your car produces a screeching noise when you engage the parking brake. This is yet another part of your Land Rover that wears out sooner than it would in other cars. Most vehicles need brake replacements after covering around 50,000 miles. But in Land Rovers, you may need to replace your brakes at around the 30,000-mile mark.

Airbag failure

The airbag in your Land Rover plays an important safety role. This is why when the airbag light on your dashboard stays on you should consult a Land Rover specialist. This is because there might be an issue in the airbag that may prevent it from deploying in the event of an accident.

Airbag problems are often a result of a false trigger from a minor crash. Such a crash may come from hitting curbs or potholes. Your airbag may also have water damage from flooding.

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