HVIA Urges the Employment of Retrenched Automotive Workers

With the recent closure of car manufacturing units in Victoria, Heavy Vehicle Industry Australia (HVIA) is encouraging its members to hire the automotive workers who lost their jobs. There are opportunities within the heavy vehicle and freight sector which will benefit skilled workers with experience in manufacturing.

Incentives up to $7000 will be given to Victoria-based employers who will hire these workers. The funding will come from the state’s Back to Work Scheme. An additional $4000 will be provided for those will provide accredited training for the workers.

Greg Forbes, HVIA national manager policy and government relations, said that he is aware of HVIA members who are lookign for skilled workers with manufacturing experience.

“We are keen to help close this gap,” Forbes said.

“Auto workers have developed a range of skills through working in the automotive supply chain, across a wide range of occupations.

“These workers are used to working in manufacturing and many have over 10 years’ length of service with their previous employer.”

-Manpower needed includes the following:

-Machine operators and assembly workers

-Technicians and trades workers

-Sales and administrative staff

-Professionals, including engineers, accountants and managers

“If you have a role that would suit an ex-auto worker, we’re keen to assist find the right person for the job,” Forbes added.

“If there is a formal job description available, great, but if not that is OK.”

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