No Nissan Small Cars for Oz on Sight as Tokyo Motor Show Looms

Those who are waiting for new small cars from Nissan may have to wait until 2018 as there is no announcements yet of the brand’s re-entry into the small car market at this week’s Tokyo Motor Show. Recently, Nissan’s previous boss Richard Emery decided to drop Micra and Pulsar from the company’s local line-up.

So far only the the GT-R and 370Z Nismo sports cars are the current passenger car offerings for Australia.

Before Pulsar was re-introduced in 2012, sales for mainstream Nissan models collapsed and its sales for both Pulsar and Micra had not shown improvement despite having gone through agressive pricing. It was noted that expectations from local consumers and outdated Nissan models were misaligned. This led to the cars taken out in 2016.

Currently, Nissan is trying to attract buyers of light and small cars by introducing a mix of traditional engined, hybrid, and EC models.

Nissan’s new LEAF hatch vehicle is expected to arrive in Oz shores next year.

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