Quality Land Rover Specialist

As a Land Rover specialist, Roverworks performs exceptional quality services on Land Rovers. Our minor service is only three hundred and ninety-five dollars and includes an oil change, oil filter change and air filter change. Oil changes are highly-important to keep your vehicle running smoothly. The vehicle’s engine demands oil and over time the oil undergoes chemical breakdown making it less effective. Then the lack of lubrication on the engine parts leaves them rubbing on one another which can cause severe damage. Hence, new oil is required and the old oil is drained out. You never want your vehicle to run out of oil either! The oil filter functions to remove contaminants from engine oil, transmission oil, lubricating oil and hydraulic oil. Oil filters aid in preventing particles from entering the oil and causing major damage to your vehicle’s operation. Air filters are also important to the vehicle’s functionality and the right amount of fuel and air is required to operate the engine. Petroleum and Diesel fuels won’t burn properly without air and the air filter acts as a filter for this. A filter that is old and worn won’t be able to prevent particles and elements entering the engine and so you need to have the air filter replaced during the service. Roverworks is a Land Rover specialist in Goulburn, Southern Highlands, the South Coast and Snowy Mountains and we perform Novated lease car servicing as well. We are an accredited Land Rover supplies specialist for maintenance, parts and repairs for Novated Lease Vehicles. Roverworks is Canberra’s leading choice for repairs and maintenance. Our team of suitably-qualified Mechanics are Land Rover specialists and we deliver exceptional quality customer service to each and every client.

Air-Conditioning Service

Air-conditioning services are highly-important especially with the spring and summer months beckoning. They are also effective for the environment as refrigerant gas is harmful to the environment. We are compliant with the Refrigerant Trading Authority AU45590 and can test your air-conditioner for leaks, diagnose a fault if there is one and recharge the gas. One awesome aspect of our air-conditioning service is that we add a product that glows under ultraviolet light so if you get a leak, we can see it easily. Not only do we test the system for leaks, as Land Rover specialists, we check the air vent temperature and the drive belts and pulleys. We ensure that the valves and thermostat are functioning correctly and review the hoses. Furthermore, we examine the system and refrigerant and if required, add refrigerant to the system. We additionally inspect the temperature of the condenser and evaluate the suction line temperature. Our team strongly-values customer service and that’s why we can arrange for a car rental for you to get about during the day while we have your vehicle. That’s part and parcel of our service and we guarantee client satisfaction.

Free Safety Check

If you are planning on a long drive such as a road trip, it is highly-salient to get a safety check of your vehicle. Roverworks, as a Land Rover specialist in Goulburn, Snowy Mountains and Southern Highlands, offers a FREE safety check for you. Safety checks are crucial but they are also required by law at times. Some reasons by law include if the vehicle is changing ownership and is more than six years old, if the vehicle is being registered in the Australian Capital Territory from another state or territory, if the vehicle’s registration has expired by more than twelve months, for defect clearances and establishment of registration for a vehicle. These are the requirements by the Australian Capital Territory and we abide by these by offering a free safety check for you. We are compliant with the regulations and ensure that we conduct a comprehensive safety check. Aspects we consider include the tyre tread and pressure, steering, brakes and lights. Additionally, we check the windscreen, seats and seat belts and suspension. Furthermore, our safety check involves checking for rust or damage to the vehicle body, exhaust and emission control and the battery. As Land Rover specialists, Roverworks is renowned in the industry as the leading Canberra automotive servicing company.