Signs that your Land Rover chip needs tuning

Land Rovers are some of the most reliable performance cars in the market today. This is because of how they can handle both smooth and off-road driving with ease. But, like many other vehicles, Land Rovers also need the occasional chip tuning. This is a service that you should be able to get from a Land Rover specialist in Southern Highlands.

What is chip tuning?

Your Land Rover has an electronic control unit (ECU) that handles certain functions. This includes regulating most of the electronic functions in your car. The ECU is a component that you can change to improve the quality of driving. Over time, you’ll need a Land Rover specialist to update the ECU in your Land Rover. This process of updating the ECU is what is called chip tuning.

Land Rover chip tuning will help your car enjoy better, superior performance. This is because it enables the engine to be fuel-efficient and produce cleaner emissions. For example, chip tuning helps improve ignition timing. This enables the spark plugs to fire at the right time for the engine to run efficiently.

Land Rover chip tuning will also ensure the air to fuel ratio in the combustion chamber is perfect. This is what ensures that your Land Rover produces cleaner emissions. So, when the ECU chip in your Land Rover needs tuning, there are some signs that you may notice. Below are some of these signs.

Engine stalling

When your Land Rover’s chip is due for a tune you may notice the engine stalling. This is a result of the inability of the ignition timing to spark the plugs as needed. Any delay in communication between the ECU and the spark plugs will lead to delays in the ignition.

You may also experience some level of difficulty in starting your car because of this delay. Before it gets to this point, seek the help of a Land Rover specialist in Goulburn.

Engine knocking

This often happens when you try to speed up or go uphill. You’ll notice that the engine will start running rough or knock when you try to speed up. This often points to a problem in the ignition timing causing the spark plugs to delay. Engine knocking can lead to damages to the engine if left unchecked. This is why you should see a Land Rover specialist as soon as you notice rough idling.