Wheel Alignment for Land Rover Discovery 3 & 4

When is a wheel alignment not a wheel alignment?

Land Rover Discovery 3-4. Range Rover Sport L320. L322 Range Rover Vogue post 2010. These are models that feature an electronic air suspension (EAS) which adjusts itself up and down to suit conditions, to give you extra clearance, or to kneel down so you can easily lift your mum into the cabin.

The problem is, the adjustable suspension presents an issue if you try to have a wheel alignment done by the guy at the tyre shop. In normal mode, every adjustment made will try to compensate, and suddenly all settings are reset to the wrong calibration. The technician will then quickly lock it off into “near enough, this bloody thing is driving me mad” setting, and smile as you get it back.

The vehicle needs to be plugged into the Land Rover specific diagnostic machine, and the EAS put into “tight tolerance mode”. Then the wheel alignment can be done accurately once the car is told to hold still as it is getting a wheel alignment. The vehicle needs to then be told to go back into normal mode after the wheel alignment is completed.

Only a specialist Land Rover workshop (either dealer or independent), like Roverworks in Canberra, is able to do this for you. Give us a call at 02 6241 8777 if you need help.