Why You Should Roll the New Range Rover Evoque Out of the Showroom

“A bold evolution, like no other Range Rover you have ever seen before, but you can still tell it’s a Range Rover.”

This is how Gerry McGovern, Design Director and Chief Creative Officer of Land Rover, describes the  most exciting vehicle that will roll out of showrooms early next year. If Rover’s stellar performance is still not enough to convince you to get the Evoque, just take a look at its distinctive, award-winning design.

Here are the reasons why Land Rover’s best compact SUV is a ride worth fighting for.

Dynamic front grille and muscular front bumper

The prominent hexagonal design of the grill with an enlarged geometric mesh area, plus the aggressive- looking bumper, guarantees a striking entrance. Slimline LED footlights are placed at the top of the enlarged air intakes, giving this Rover a greater road presence.

Sleek A-Pillars and fabric roof

The new Evoque’s pillars are designed and engineered to increase aerodynamics and to maintain this Rover’s slim appearance. Meanwhile, the fabric roof provides a sharply defined silhouette due to its tension-bow architecture and Z-fold mechanism.

All-new spoiler

Designed to maximize aerodynamics and produce better handling, the rear spoiler also accommodates the LED spotlight.

Rising waist trail and frameless doors

Drama and movement are very much evident with the rising waistline. The distinction can be seen even when the Evoque is stationary. The frameless doors maintain the neat profile when the fabric roof is lowered.

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