French sculptor Richard Orlinski Showcases Wireframe Design for the New Range Rover Evoque Convertible

Jaguar Land Rover is collaborating with French sculptor Richard Orlinski in his latest installation, which will help kickoff the 2016 BORN Ultimate Awards. Orlinski has included a wireframe of the new Range Rover Evoque Convertible. The awards will be held in Courchevel, France in March.

Orlinski was named the bestselling contemporary French artist by art market info service ArtPrice. The wireframe features a gorilla sculpture, one of the artist’s staples. “I wanted to have one of my favourite sculptures driving the car. We chose King Kong the gorilla, which is seen as one of my emblems, because he is the animal who is the closest to a human and therefore the one we can all identify with,” he explained.


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“He is the animal that has the qualities of a human, but not our faults. He’s got our strength and perhaps our intelligence.” Working with artists is something that Jaguar Land Rover is happy to do to honour design and creativity. This also helps the brand emphasize its own prowess in those fields.

“We are incredibly excited to work with an artist of Richard’s calibre and to see his personal vision of the Range Rover Evoque wireframe. We have created versions of these wireframes since the development of the original Evoque and over the years they have become iconic in their own right,” said Gerry McGovern, chief design officer at Land Rover.

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